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Freedom Viva La Hitching A Peacefull Journey

Hi, I'm Brian King (friends call me Hitch), born June 18, 1969. I'm 6 ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, 160 lbs (210 lbs with pack on), single heterosexual male hitchhiker. Thanks for visiting Hitchers Spot on the Web, the web site for Hitchers new and seasoned!! After 28 years of doing the same thing most other people are doing (employment, home, car, I even owned 2 businesses, the rat race and hectic seemed to never end) I got really bored. So I decided to take an adventure down the west coast hitching. On my trip I found freedom, to go and do as I please, no worries to deal with, a part of me I had long forgot. It changed me drastically. Everything that I was chasing around seemed to vanish and lose meaning. After my adventure, meeting so many cool people, learning the ropes, I decided to do this full time. I have sold everything I own (except my pack and what's in it), and decided to go to the southern states where I have always wanted to go (love the southern accent).
Totally rebuilt for hitching and camping now, I am ready to set way to the south ........ adventure and see many things I have never seen, meet even more fantastic people. Look for my Web Site Logo on the Road!!! Please enjoy the sight and all that it offers.

Whats New Since Your Last Visit

I moved the ride board and the guest book home to where it should be. Perhaps now they will stay working now, lol. It's almost 2004 now, over a year since I worked on the site. I will be adding a few new pages of stories from the road, woot!! Got some real good ones to tell ya.....

HitchHikers In General

Hitchers are and please keep this to heart, are good people. Not all people that hitchhike are real hitchers. You can tell a veteran hitcher very easily. He is camped on the side of the road, he has a nice back pack, full of gear, looks mostly clean, is reading a book, and most of all is relaxed (looks like he or she belongs there). In my travels, I met a few drivers that made me nervous. (rides of fame) Most hitchers that I have met are the same as me (adventurers) and fun to be around. To pick up a hitcher is a breath of freedom. We love to talk, nap, exchange stories, laugh, joke and have a good time with our rides, even a relief driver if needed!!! You can also learn a lot about hitchers by talking to them (us) about hitching and all their great adventures.

How We Support OurSelves On Our Journeys

This is very simple. We don't need much money to travel. Food expenses are low, drink lots of water, smokes are optional. I can live on 5 dollars a day easy. I myself belong to a variety of national chains of temporary employment agencies. In just about any fairly good size town I can find work this way. I also know moving trucks need hands to unload, we sometimes work for people who need work done, selling hand crafted items, were rich before we started, car washes, find money, turn in credit cards and such we find on the roads, and many people are very generous in helping hitchers. There is a list of people and what they offer to hitchers at the Hitch Hikers Home Base. Not to mention homeless shelters that offer food, clothing, bedding, churches, and other organizations that love to help the traveler when in a pinch. Thanks to all........

Hitcher's Ride Board

New Ride Board added December 20, 2003!!
All travelers can make use of this Ride Board for the USA, Canada, & Mexico.


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